Rodent Control – The Rat

Rodent Control – The Rat

Rats have been around for a long time. They take advantage of all the hiding areas to reside. This is a reality we have to live with, it is part of the moving world and our very busy environment. But we don’t have to let them take residence in our protected areas that we frequent and use for comfort and stability. That is why our mice control unit is here. We know about the problems these rats bring and work tirelessly to reduce the looming potential of a rat problem.

There are different species of rats in these areas. All rats go from medium-sized to large; the most common rodent is the brown and black rats. If you have a rat as a pet, it is most likely domesticated, which is acceptable since these rats are bred to be kept as pets. But a wild rat is not the same.

This rat is much more unstable and runs rampant through decomposing garbage, filthy areas, and waste. They carry bacteria, parasites, and overall diseases. These wild rats will not hesitate to bite when they feel threatened. They also leave their own waste behind and have no problem when or where. Our Pest Control company is not afraid of doing battle with these unpleasant creatures. 24/7 we are ready, willing and able to protect your area from these pests and make it clear that they are not welcome.

You have a successful business in the food service industry. Business is good, and you have built a loyal customer base that loves your product. A rat is known as a sure way to ruin anyone’s reputation. News spreads at the sighting of one and now your business is threatened. The rat is a large bump in the road that you don’t want! Our rat control is here to help.

You also have a family that you want to keep safe. If the perimeters are not established quickly, rats can go anywhere they please, and there is always a risk that your family may be exposed to these disease-carrying creatures. An unnoticed move-in of these rodents could also give them time and a place to multiply. They multiply quickly as well! Damage to your property can also be a problem. Perhaps an electricity shortage issue is introduced to your environment, and when you check it out, you find a rat has been checking on your wires. This causes more problems down the line and could become expensive.

We encounter issues like this regularly, and our rodent control unit will have no problem ridding you of these troubles; after all, you have a family to keep safe and a business to run.


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