Choosing Lighting Controls For Your Outdoor Lights

Choosing Lighting Controls For Your Outdoor Lights

A Guide To Outdoor Lighting Controls

There are endless options available now for outdoor lighting. You can choose from various outdoor lights that are more durable and withstand external elements while enhancing your home’s beauty. Let us explore the different lighting controls and techniques available for outdoor lights. electrician san antonio

Lighting Controls

You can achieve the ability to regulate the level and quality of light through lighting controls. Proper control will let you save energy by minimizing the lights when not needed and enhancing the experience by increasing them.

Dimmer Lights

Dimmer controls reduce the amount of light output and energy consumed by the lights. You can adjust the level of illumination in a place by using dimmer controls. Flush mounts, pendants, and lamps all work well with dimmer controls. They are inexpensive and help with energy conservation at home by reducing the wattage of the bulbs. By better aligning with the needs, they extend the lamp’s life. Dimmer controls give you the flexibility to use the same light for multiple purposes, like task lights when working and quiet night lights when sleeping.


You can configure timers to turn on and off at specified times automatically. Time switches work with floodlights and surface-mounted lights. Timer-operated lights come with an option to program them to turn on when going on vacation. This mechanism adds a security layer by switching the lights on even when you’re away on vacation. The timers come in two different models – manual timers and in-wall timers. A manual timer, normally used for controlling lamps and light strings, comes as a plug-and-use model. The in-wall timers are fixed with the lights and look like thermostats. These programmable timers are usually integrated with photosensors to control on/off schedule.

Motion Detectors

Motion-detecting lights will turn on when there is a movement under the lights. Placing them along the house perimeter and garage doors adds a surprise element. Motion-activated lights are excellent options for outdoor security and utility lighting. Combining the motion sensors with photosensors enhances security by activating the lights after sunset whenever they detect motion. Motion sensors can increase the life of lights by turning them on only when there is any movement. This energy-efficient lighting strategy turns off lights in unoccupied areas and is particularly useful in areas where the lights are inadvertently left glowing. electricians san antonio

Degree Of Cutoff

Cutoff lighting shines the light where it is needed most to improve visibility. With an adjustable head, the cutoff light wall packs come with the ability to control the lighting as needed. A full cutoff light is dark sky compliant and emits light only down. It reduces light trespass and washes the wall where it is mounted with light. On the other hand, the semi cutoff lights have a shield to reduce light pollution. A high-angle brightness can affect the traffic passing by, and having a way to control the glare will be very helpful.

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